Artificial intelligence in eCommerce

AI is beneficial for today's online retailers to deliver an outstanding customer and user experience in eCommerce and make intelligent business decisions by using customer data.

A report published by Gartner stated that, in the last four years, the number of businesses fostering AI increased by 270%. Still, there are plenty of misconceptions about all things related to AI.

Voice commerce and virtual assistants

eCommerce virtual assistants (VAs) are chatbots that use language processing and machine learning technologies to understand customer queries and offer the needed support accordingly.

Smart search

Many customers use the search box to find products on an eCommerce website. It should go without saying that these customers are most likely to make a purchase compared to those who are only “window shopping.”


Personalization in the eCommerce industry is remodeling the shopping experience according to an individual customer's pain points, needs, preferences, and tastes.


Online stores are now available on multiple channels with 24/7 availability. This often requires some form of automation. By automating customer support, merchants can save time, energy, and operating capital.

Remarketing to potential prospects

Remarketing is more like a reminder of an eCommerce business brand and its items to the target audience. A retargeting strategy aims to reach users who are already your customers or those who have previously visited your website.

Artificial intelligence is constantly transforming the eCommerce industry. Today, it's impacting how an eCommerce store features and sells products to its customers.

Ultimately, machine learning and AI will transform the eCommerce industry in the upcoming years, but we can see many examples of artificial intelligence in online shopping already.